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Since 2004, Teklieng continues jams and concerts to capture by shots instant drawings musicians in movements. These performances give him the material, and allow him to share his passion : he exhibits, conducts posters and album covers (Trilok Gurtu, Manou Gallo, Manaswing).


His musical encounters also enabled him to travel to Afriaca with the Tournaisian group Malimali, for a tour in Bamako and Ségou in 2008. In Bamako, he met a local artist, Mohammed Keïta Hassan, with whom he works on the elaboration of traditional Mandingo : bogolan. «Bogolan» in bambara (the most spoken language in Mali) comes from the words bogo earth and lan with. This is a traditional painting techniques based on vegetable and mineral : a natural leaves of ngalama, and a paint based of sludge fermentation, the bogo. This cultural exchange between traditional Malian and pencil stroke Tek has created a pictorial project that will serve as the background of scenes in the group.

In 2008, he joined Paris and worked as a woodcarver until 2012 in the restoration of art objects of Steinitz, antique and art dealer (Saint-Ouen flea market, Paris).


In winter 2011, he met the 7 doigts de la main, a Quebec circus troupe, during a show at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris. He had followed his sketches. It accompanies them during the following representations, made many sketches in motion, varies models and obtain agreement to exhibit his drawings in the Grande Halle.

During summer, 2012, it leaves travelling in Quebec and join the 7doigts of the hand, with whom, he(it) shares his(its) sketches in their new creations.

He realizes some series of paintings in Montreal where he had as models numerous Circassians of the company of the 7fingers and the circus éloize. Further to these collaborations, he exhibe in various place in Canada. In particular in the National Center of the Arts of Ottawa, the Olympia of Montreal, the City of the Circus arts of Montreal and other several places in montréal.


In December, 2012, he collaborates with an American, Carlos Reves for the design of a surfboard. Realization in Miami in December, 2012.


He continues his trip in Caribbean and meet Claudio Obregon Clairin, a known Mexican internationally for his researches on the Mayan civilization. He collaborates with the columnist through sketches on Mayas for the mexican daily newspaper Por Esto!


At the city of Veracruz, he learn the techniques of serigraphy in a workshop situated in the center of Xalapa and realizes the design of the logo, the flyers, and the T-shirts of the factory Vegeburger.

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