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Thanks to Laurent to make me discover the world of the siteweb and kindly offered your time
Thanks to my brother for sharing your knowledge of informatic and help for my website
Thanks to you Sarazaky to encourage me and share your passion, which we can find in your beautiful pictures
Thanks to Aurore Bastin for your first corrections
Thanks to Gregoire Zuchowicz for your beautiful pen and your precious tips
Thanks to Johann Berby for your encouragement, your motivation and your model
Thanks to Damien Gillot without whom I would never be at this point now
Thanks to Ruben Carrasco for your artistic energy and help me on my artistic way
Thanks to all the people of 7fingers who warmly welcomed me into the circus worlds
Thanks to Lucas Dupasquier for welcome me at your place, at Laleu when i needed the most
Thanks to Niko Mathieu to introduce me in your place and encourage me to paint at your galerie and share your passion of colors
Thanks to Usine Bis to let me create in this beautifull place in north of france
Thanks to Noemie Bouton to introduce me in your galerie and do many exhibitions at barceona
Thanks to Carlos Generoso to introduce me in your artistic place, to help me share your passion of art
Thanks to Aude Palmer & Said Breton to welcome me in Oaxaca and make this beautifull exhibition a succes
Thanks to all the people i meet in my trip, and help me to elevate and bloom myself


And a big thank to everyone who believed in me...



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